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Form.submit Not Working In Ie6


so the simplest solution that comes to mind is setting the text size to 0px using css .. IE 6,7 dont run on Windows 7. Reply Jim 19 March 2009 Rth, your solution seems like the easiest, quickest, dirtiest (appropriate for IE) to me.I tried it in IE6 and Firefox, with multiple buttons in the form. Thank you for posting a comment What do you think? have a peek at this web-site

I think I still have a few hairs left that didn't get pulled out. My client wanted that we display a fancy button to work as fileupload control. I never like it. Reply Norwegian and mad 20 October 2007 Well, I am totally on track with the plogger.

Submit Button Not Working In Ie11

So, the typical case is that I'm displaying several records in a table, and I need the button to identify which record to work on. Perhaps someone can produce a working example.Anyway, still messy but requires no javascript or any special server side code. Hope this help you also.

at MS hasn't done anything with since 2003.And today I experienced the way IE uses the