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Google Search Appliance Keymatch Not Working


Interpreting Detailed Data About User Clicks The examples in this section show you how to interpret detailed data about user clicks in an advanced search report. Enabling Dynamic Navigation Dynamic navigation is disabled by default. Specify a row of information in each people search profile: a. Dynamic result clusters are formed from each set of results. navigate here

By using the Search > Search Features > Dynamic Navigation page, you can create different configurations and apply the configurations to different front ends. KeyMatches are not set up by default. The only documents that interest the sales staff are in Portable Document Format (.pdf) or Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt) format. How to find the classname of my JDBC driver? https://www.google.com/support/enterprise/static/gsa/docs/admin/70/admin_console_help/serve_keymatch.html

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The site www.mediacompany.com sells DVDs worldwide. Deleting a KeyMatch To delete KeyMatches: Click the Edit Matches link. database connector google-search-appliance asked Nov 4 at 17:09 Nupur Jaiswal 53413 0 votes 1answer 8 views Can a Google Search Appliance that doesn't have a digital certificate scan sites that are However, even if the scorer is not allowed to use the data gathered by the learning module, no information is lost.

The range of IP addresses tells you that the users who are searching for the results are all Engineers in the U.S. Does a dpm($vars['response_data']['keymatch']); placed right before line 213 within theme/google_appliance.theme.inc show anything different? Changing the Appearance of Related Queries You can change the appearance of related queries in the user interface for a front end. A satisfied query is a search that ends with a user clicking on a result, as indicated in the report by a click type of c.

I am trying to enable some features on the test appliance. In an organization, projects and products are often developed under an internal name, but launched under a different name. In the Page Layout Helper box, select the Search Results section. https://www.google.com/support/enterprise/static/gsa/docs/admin/72/gsa_doc_set/admin_searchexp/ce_improving_search.html Identifying KeyMatches To identify potential KeyMatches: • Check results for top queries by running a report on searches that returned results using the Reports > Search Reports page in the Admin

Using the click rank alone will not give accurate results because a click rank number does not indicate the results page of the click. For example, suppose your Google Search Appliance provides search for internal users from different organizations. Collections: if you would like to search multiple, specific sites from a single search form, contact us to request a collection. Some of the users are finding a satisfactory URL on page 3 of the results.

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The File Download wizard is displayed. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/google-search-appliance Restricting Search Results by Domain Name Language This type of filter restricts searches to either all languages or a selected set of languages. Search Best Practices Ux Social Media Social Media Handbook Get Social Resources Content Management Options OmniUpdate WordPress Web Standards Content Strategy Social Media Social Media Handbook Google Analytics Photos, Graphics and Logos YouTube Audio / Gsa Required Fields Suppose you have created a front end for users in Switzerland.

The correct filter is www.mediacompany.com.au/marketing. check over here This might indicate that members of a specific group of users, such as the sales department, are all searching for the same information.You might consider personalizing their search experience by creating Before displaying dynamic result clusters for secure queries, the search appliance ensures that the user has permission to view secure results by triggering authorization checks. In the Attribute Name box, type the name of the attribute. 7. Google Search Tips

Getting Baseline Measurements Before you begin personalizing the search experience, identify the initial state of the search experience by taking baseline measurements. If you modify an existing KeyMatch or create new KeyMatches, you can expect a time delay before the configuration is updated. When members of the sales staff perform a search, only results of the selected file types appear. his comment is here For example, if I search for "New York," will it send me the data stating all the information in a structured manner, such as JSON or XML data?

The maximum number of results returned per attribute is 5000. The related query appears at the top of search results. Please try the request again.

I am having trouble setting up the front end servers.

I feel that I have followed all the instructions in the docs, but the lack of results tell me that I've missed something! The Front Ends page appears. 2. Web Client List Search Home » digitalVU » Submit KeyMatches for the google search appliance Submit KeyMatches for the google search appliance Lacy Paschal posted this on Wednesday, June 30th, 2010 Can you use "nothing more, nothing less than" when speaking of a person?

For complete information about using the Output Format page, refer to Admin Console Help > Search > Search Features > Front Ends > Output Format - Page Layout Helper in the Click Save. For example, suppose information about user clicks shows that a users in range of IP addresses are all searching for information about project Malta. weblink Suppose you administer a search appliance for an e-commerce business, mediacompany.com.

You can also use this information to make other changes to improve and personalize the search experience. For an overview of ways to personalize the search experience, refer to Checklist of Best Practices. The rules for creating a KeyMatch are described in the following table. One section says to enter the full classname of JDBC ...

What manner of appliance are you using? A link for that page is returned at the top of search results for queries containing the term operations. Save the file with a .csv extension, which can be opened in Microsoft Excel. You might also get input for KeyMatches from people in your own organization who have domain expertise.

These authorization checks might have a negative impact on system performance. For each best practice, the table identifies the search appliance feature or resource to use, with a reference to the relevant section in this document. google-search-appliance asked Sep 27 at 11:09 Andrii Holovianko 175 0 votes 1answer 23 views GSA - How to fetch documents having meta tag as Empty In GSA collection, I have For information about collections, refer to Using Collections with Front Ends and Segmenting Data in the Search Index. • You might modify the appearance of search and results pages.