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Google Analytics Profile Filters Not Working


So that would probably stop all traffic. Thanks, Justin Reply 46 comments Cancel rep Megalytic Blog Marketing Tech Blog Features Pricing Free Trial Sign in Try Megalytic, the Analytics Reporting Tool for Digital Marketers. markdhansen Well, I wouldn't say that! The real problem here is that can putt significant load on your servers apart from poluting analytics. http://searchwebmedia.com/google-analytics/google-analytics-filters-not-working.html

Welcome to the world of Google Analytics spam, where spammers mess with your Google Analytics data to drive traffic to shady websites! But the data for both the filtered view and unfiltered view are the same. What happened was I had 2 weeks of 0 traffic show up in my analytics under this hostname filter. Thank you. https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/6046990?hl=en

Google Analytics Ip Filter Not Working

I searched but came up empty handed. In this case, you won't see a preview table. The icon looks like this.

Regarding the report you want, all the hostnames match "staging" (and in Real Time, I only see people looking at staging). –Robin Nov 20 '12 at 16:35 @Robin try Example: You’ve a website set up for your bakery business. It may be that you have a snippet issue as mentioned above, but if your code snippet was working before you decided to activate eCommerce then it’s likely that you’ve merely Google Analytics Api Filter Suggestions?

What other data errors have you seen come up and how did you go about solving them? Google Analytics Filter # Request Uri For the period of time that the filter was in place, you will have no data from Australia. Once it is applied, you can check the data and compare the number to learn if anything went wrong. Can you clarify your question a bit for me please?

Over 100K/month learn from our content. Google Analytics Filters Unique Visitors appears to be doubled automatically. From the Tag Manager Interface, you get to add Tags to your code snippet as required without having to manually add the changes to your code. Cheers, Larry Reply Ian Jul 28, 2015 at 11:08 am Very good post.

Google Analytics Filter # Request Uri

markdhansen Glad you liked it! The difference between the before and after columns is the effect your new filter would have had if it had been in effect 7 days ago. (It's like having your own Google Analytics Ip Filter Not Working When it comes to analyzing traffic to your site, you don’t want your organization's activity on the site included. Google Analytics Filter Pattern Why is looping over find's output bad practice?

Solution A - The first solution I’ll offer is this Google Browser Add-on. check over here Then I tried to septate this traffic through advance segments, I tried to create segment based on hostname and referrer path filter, but no data appear in these segments, then I [email protected] George Mihaly Thank you for providing a very useful and easy to follow tutorial! -George markdhansen Glad it helped! Advanced: This type of filter allows you to build a field from one or two other fields. Adding Filters To A View In Google Analytics Allows You To

Adding both will likely make your website inaccessible. Going in circles on a couple sites… markdhansen Contact us: [email protected] and we can discuss. Using Google Tag Manager to Exclude by Hostname First up, we can create a Macro/Rule in Tag Manager that we can use to block anything that isn't our main site. his comment is here why bother making all this work for yourself.

What do you recommend I do next? Google Analytics Filter Pattern Examples Here is the testing segment created for Megalytic, which we named “My Hosts.” And here are the results, filtered by using the “My Hosts” segment: As you markdhansen Its not actually apple.com.

Am i missing something?

Any insight you could provide would be great. When I click on referrals, apparently my own website is where all of the orders are being referred from! From this list, you can see that semalt.com and buttons-for-website.com should go on our list. Google Analytics Hostname Filter Yes, the 255 character limitation is frustrating - especially with so many new spammer showing up!

It’s mainly an information site with a blog attached and there’s no eCommerce element. Example: JavaScript conflicts can break either or both conflicting scripts running on a page. There are many reasons why you would limit their access to the blog directory. weblink But I couldn't figure out how to set up such a filter.

Well you do now. E.g. What I am doing wrong? Is it a sizable chunk of traffic? - Review your site implementation to resolve the issue.

I’d love to hear your experiences, let us know in the comments below. Sorry if that was not clear in the article! Have you come across any limitations to the number of Exclude filters you can write in Google Analytics? markdhansen Glad you liked it!

markdhansen The ghosts have the wrong hostname. When I set-up the segment using the "include" option instead of Regex, I am able to get the 96% without any problem. Also, not sure if this is a coincidence, but suddenly in the last few days we're seen a 6+ hour delay in receiving audience data from Analytics - so we can Reply Larry G.

But still trffic from in the office is not.We are not using ip anonymisation in the GA tag.What could be causing the issue?I have no idea what else to check! Here it is, pretty simple: Here are my events, in the All Traffic profile (no filters): Based on my filter, the events with the hostname stagingsecure.example.com should show up in the Here is what that report looks like for Megalytic. I hear Google is taking steps in the back-end to help us out.

For example, if you are filtering on Hostname, but the hit does not contain that field (perhaps the hit was sent via the Measurement Protocol and that request did not contain