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Google Analytics Goals Not Working


All the rest of the steps show no entrances, no exits. My Latest PostsWhy you should use advanced segments in Google AnalyticsClean Up Your Google Analytics - How I removed Semalt.comFinding SEO opportunities with Google AnalyticsHow to Track Goal with Google AnalyticsWhy Open the Goal editing, make sure the goal URL you type is the same than the URL you found in the Top Content report. Question on a non-working, but simple, regex. http://searchwebmedia.com/google-analytics/google-analytics-event-goals-not-working.html

I was actually re-reading something from the article and I saw your response! Let's use an example an ecommerce website which has three store sections (men's clothes, women's clothes, and children's clothes). Find elements of a list with a given sum defining new color Draw diagonal lines of text What is a positive descriptor for someone that doesn't care about anything/is always neutral? The Problem With This Workaround What happens when someone hits the women's portal page next, does it use a second custom dimension, or overwrite the one you're using? https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/1033158?hl=en

Google Calendar Goals Not Working

In the first case I could create a funnel per product version, in the latter case I would obtain only one funnel per product (combining all variations). Sayf Sharif Different ways, it depends on your implementation. Also, I would get rid of the goal naming convention altogether and call it a conversion.

Your goal conversion counts and rates are still exactly the same as they would be without the funnel in the rest of the reports in GA. Jonathan Doug -- Yes, even with if you check the "required first step", in this case, the first step is the same. You're on the right track, but that's not quite what you're looking for. Google Analytics Regular Expression Generator Respond Vote up 1 Vote down 0 Everett Sizemore - Director, R&D and Special Projects at Inflow Endorsed Sep 27, 2013 Agreed.

Confusing Thing #2: The Funnel Conversion Rate is not the Goal Conversion Rate So the goal completions are the same, but those aren't the Funnel Conversion Rate. Google Analytics Event Goals Not Working It seems from your article that in the case where a user skipped that stage then exited on the Account stage, the Login step would be back-filled and they would correctly You can drop cookies on specific pages really easily, and read them as well. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/16550326/goals-not-working-google-analytics Wouldn't it be an alternative to add an onevent to these buttons which set individual names for the goal-page?

Follow us and stay in touch RSS Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Google+ Pinterest × Close 800.939.5938 About Us Request a Quote Contact Us Services Pricing Resources Training Blog Home About Us Contact How To Define A Destination Url Goal Garry Hi Shay Hope you don’t mind me asking a couple of questions, but I’m just starting my first analytics project and there are some things that are not particularly intuitive Can you confirm whether or not I've got the hang of using negative lookaheads with funnels. You will learn at a glance, what are your most valuable traffic source, keywords and high bounce rate pages that must be optimized.

Google Analytics Event Goals Not Working

Would you agree? Browse Questions View All Questions Bounty New (No Responses) Discussion Answered Product Support Unanswered From All Time Last 30 Days Last 7 Days Last 24 Hours Sorted by Latest Questions Recent Google Calendar Goals Not Working Jonathan Monty -- There are a variety of reasons why sometimes you see everyone exit and then re-enter. Google Goals Not Showing Up I think you need to build a JS code snippet, but I am not sure where to start… you have an idea how to implement this?

Solution Accepted by topic author Jelco v June Re: Destination goal not tracking in wix website Jelco v Level 1 Jelco v Level 1 June Options Mark as New Bookmark Subscribe weblink Under property, click Tracking Code. With that in mind, here are some answers and some troubleshooting for common problems with funnels. I have set goals in 3 different ways and none seems to work. 1- /subdirectory/goal.php 2- /goal.php 3- goal.php Notice that the settings in traffic info for my website is not Google Analytics Destination Goal

Simply set up more than one goal with a different required step for each one. (Again, remember that the differences will only be apparent in the Funnel Visualization report.) Order of One of your workarounds to equal Goal conversions to Funnel conversions sounds very interesting: To set a Custom Dimension for users hitting specific pages. Action 1:  Check the content report. navigate here Staff Endorsed ★★☆☆☆ CommercePundit SEO Division at Commerce Pundit Technologies Pvt.

Then you set up that custom dimension in the custom definitions of a property, create a view that has a filter on that custom dimension for the value the tag passes, Google Analytics Goal Tracking Receive Blog Updates Get notified when blog posts like this one are published! Here step 1 also matches steps 2 and 3, but this time it does not match the goal page.

A related problem happens when only some of the later pages match a previous page in the funnel.

Maybe you can put a parameter on the URL that makes /purchase-complete?shop=mens different from /purchase-complete?shop=womens? Will that be counted as one conversion or two within the same visit? If the funnel page expressions don't match, but the goal page does, that would be an explanation for your 100% entry at the goal page. Google Analytics Goals Examples I am greatful to her and you too.

No Thanks, No Monthly Newsletter Blog Notifications GA & GTM SEO & Paid Search GA 360 Suite Thank You! So if there are reloads or a visitor goes to the same funnel page more than once, they’ll still only be counted once in this report. Join over 4,000 marketers who receive actionable digital marketing insights. Blog Search Archives By Category Analytics & Measurement Google Analytics Conference Live Blogs Content Marketing Blogger Outreach Blogging Buyer his comment is here So you want ^/AVI, not just ^AVI.

We'll get back to you in ONE business day. I'm testing your suggestions in a test profile right now, but my funnels are lengthy and specific and I'm not getting data very quickly. Goal report shows 200 goals but the last step of the funnel report shows 180?! cristina I have a shopping cart that i want to follow and the funnel: Step 1 (Shopping cart)-> Step 2 (Sipping) -> Step 3 (Billing) -> Goal (Purchase) I would like

Rick The negative lookaheads would have been perfect for what I need to do… are there alternatives? http://www.lunametrics.com Jonathan @Jeff -- Is it possible that there's a missing step in your funnel between /cart/shipping_method and order/XXX/complete? Your goal page is a download (e.g., PDF) Analytics does not track downloads as goals directly. Confusing Thing #3: The Funnel Numbers Are a Lie Hey but at least we know that people hit all those steps in the funnel right?

The goal page is not tagged with tracking code If the goal page is not tagged with tracking code, Analytics does not track this page, and as a result does not Here is the list of steps. 100% of the users ‘leave' after Step 4 but at least 1/2 of them really are going on to the Step 5 url but it