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Goals Analytics Not Working


If you have a small site, you could get away with this, but otherwise you'll quickly run out of custom dimensions that could be used for much better things. Before creating a funnel, keep in mind the following: Test the sequence on your website, and make a note of all pages that make up the entire sequence of activities you I am not that most technical. Funnels go along with goals in helping you understand how visitors progress to your goal. Check This Out

Learn more about Smart Goals. Also the "Goal" has an order number in it but I thought that would be ok as it is a regex match, is that correct? thank you Dan Jul 17, 2015 at 8:05 am Can we use the "Service Call" URL as Destination URL? Here step 1 also matches steps 2 and 3, but this time it does not match the goal page. https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/1033158?hl=en

Google Calendar Goals Not Working

For example, after someone makes a purchase as a guest, the confirmation page could encourage them to create a new account. Will that be counted as one conversion or two within the same visit? Goals for multiple criteria You can define a goal for multiple criteria, such as an interaction with two specific sections of your website, or a go to any page within a The request URI is that part of the URL that comes after the domain address.

E.g. Thanks again, Luciano. How Does It Work With GA?YouTube Tracking In Google Analytics & Google Tag ManagerCross Domain Tracking with Google Tag Manager Topics Analytics Google Analytics Google Analytics Premium Conversion Data Science Google Google Analytics Goals Examples It's just important to understand that it's NOT a goal conversion rate that includes the funnel, but something specific to the number of people who entered that funnel, rather than the

Here is an overview of the check-out at my site: Step 1: /page1061.aspx Step 2: /page1061.aspx?isbasket=1&pageid=1061&listid=-300050&orgorderid=0&action=order Step 3: /page1061.aspx?isbasket=1&pageid=1061&listid=-300050&orgorderid=0&action=send Step 4: (external pay window) Step 5: /kvittering?ordrenr=54017575&rid=42822 (where "54017575&rid=42822" is unique Google Analytics Event Goals Not Working You can check the Top Content report to understand the use of the optional pages, but putting them in the funnel doesn't really tell you anything. Action 2: Test your Google Analytics snippet. Reiner Jonathan, Thanks for your prompt reply which helps me a lot!

The first question I had was whether this was best to set up as two separate properties within analytics or track all together. How To Define A Destination Url Goal What might the problem be in a four step funnel that is showing all people entering into the final step for a 100% conversion rate? There's a lot of confusion around Goals and Funnels, so I hope to answer some common questions here, provide some (not so great) workarounds, and end with my recommendation for Google. These categories don’t affect any data or your reports.

Google Analytics Event Goals Not Working

However, the funnel report shows users coming into step 1, then exiting to "/www.foobar.com/users/new" -- and entering the goal step from "/www.foobar.com/users/new". http://stackoverflow.com/questions/16550326/goals-not-working-google-analytics urls not containing "/subdirectory1/". Google Calendar Goals Not Working The URL you enter should be everything after your domain, so if the full URL destination is http://www.yourdomain.com/thankyou.html, you would enter /thankyou.html. Google Analytics Regular Expression Generator We'll get back to you in ONE business day.

These pagenames could be used then to create unique goals-pages. (Let aside the problem that this would inflate the pageviews)? his comment is here Free Download John Gibb Sep 23, 2013 at 10:35 am hi Kristin Congrats for the second article @ KissMetrics this month (hope I haven't done the math wrong) Your snapshots are Problem 1: Goals are not recorded. Monty Thanks Jonathan for this long-running thread! Google Goals Not Showing Up

Be sure your goal code is set to fire after your form validates so you are sure the form was filled out. Submit Upcoming LunaMetrics Events New York City, NY » Nov 14 - 18Miami, FL » Dec 5 - 9Washington, DC » Dec 12 - 16Boston, MA » Jan 23 - 26San Thanks. http://searchwebmedia.com/google-analytics/google-analytics-event-goals-not-working.html Pages/Screens per session goal details Measure user engagement by treating the number of pages or screens per session as a goal.

http://www.lunametrics.com Jonathan @Jeff -- Is it possible that there's a missing step in your funnel between /cart/shipping_method and order/XXX/complete? Google Analytics Destination Goal This can help you find any conversion optimization opportunities (or holes) in the process by noting where the most conversions are lost (i.e., when people exit your funnel). This option requires that the URLs you provide for your funnel or goal exactly match the URLs shown in the reports.

I think I've read it over 10+ times.

Probably Google read this post! The Funnel Conversion Rate is JUST the percentage of people who completed the goal who entered the goal somewhere. You can fix things up now, deal with the older data with a little elbow grease, and then down the road you'll be in a much better situation. Google Analytics Goal Funnel But despite your examples I can't figure out how to add to the step to keep track of them all.

See How Do I Set Up Goals? How do I rewrite the URL? However, it's often useful to also create a destination goal to signal the completion of an ecommerce transaction. navigate here How to avoid the 3 Top Mistakes Tracking Goal?

There can be no dynamic (changing) information in the URL such as session identifiers or query parameters. Navigate to your goals: Sign in to Google Analytics. Most Popular PostsRecent Blog PostsFive Ecommerce Reports You Should Be Using Right NOWHow to Move a Property in Google AnalyticsGetting Started with Firebase Analytics for AppsCapture Submitted Form Values with Google The second is by using the page you redirect visitors to when they confirm their subscription.

The goal page is not tagged with tracking code If the goal page is not tagged with tracking code, Analytics does not track this page, and as a result does not Do you know if the funnel visualization reports use visits or unique visits? Share this: Was this article helpful?How can we improve it?YesNoSubmit GoalsAnalytics is not tracking goalsUsers appear to drop out of Funnel to another domain or subdomainIncorrect Attribution of Entrance Page Google If the sale is made on your website using a shopping cart, you can use a goal funnel to track a visitor's progress through each step of the sale.

The actual value of the transaction will appear in the Revenue metric (not the Goal Value metric), and will come from the Ecommerce Tracking code in your shopping cart. Recording status As soon as you create a goal, it starts recording data. However, for a goal like the shopping cart example above, defining a funnel can give you a lot of useful information about where people get hung up and decide to abandon Garry Hi Shay Hope you don’t mind me asking a couple of questions, but I’m just starting my first analytics project and there are some things that are not particularly intuitive

TL;DR Goals and Funnels can have confusing aspects, and when you really dig into them they sometimes can't do what you want them to do. If you created a filter to show the domain name in the URL, you will need to include that full URL in the Goal if you're using URL destinations as the You can pause a goal by changing the recording status to OFF. Both are good to have regardless of whether you are tracking your mailing list opt-ins as goals in Google Analytics.

It's similar to the first problem funnel setup. Option 3: Smart Goals If your account meets theprerequisites,you will have the option to select Smart Goals. Our online software helps marketers turn analytics into insights that guide decision-making and growth. I have set goals in 3 different ways and none seems to work. 1- /subdirectory/goal.php 2- /goal.php 3- goal.php Notice that the settings in traffic info for my website is not